Employee Benefits in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Windsor, and the Surrounding Areas

In order to attract the best applicants for a position, businesses usually put together a package of offerings that are commonly referred to as employee benefits. These can become complicated so businesses in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Windsor, and the surrounding areas often look to experienced partners like Volk Insurance Benefits to help manage these employee benefits. Whether you are looking to add an option for life insurance or enhance the medical insurance offerings, contact our team to schedule a time to review your employee benefits.

What Constitutes an Employee Benefit

Group of Employees Sitting At a Table Smiling After Getting Employee Benefits in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, WindsorEssentially, anything that is provided to the employee beyond their base salary and wages. Some of these employee benefits are required by law, and while it is technically a benefit, most people don’t think of them that way since everyone must have them. Things such as requiring time off for employees to vote or serve on a jury are benefits, but they are required by law. Other things, such as health insurance and retirement plans, are not required by law but are employee benefits that can vary from employer to employer.

What Items to Include in Employee Benefits

When you want to start adding to the employee benefits that you offer beyond those that are required, you will likely start asking about which ones you should be looking at. This is where having a conversation with our experienced team can really help. We can provide some insight as to what other industries typically have been offering, and your particular industry may have things that other competitors are offering that you should include as well. There is no right answer, but there are likely a few options that stick out as important additions that will pay dividends for your business.

Performing an Employee Census/Questionnaire

In some cases, it makes sense to query your employees to see what they deem as most important. Odds are that if you want to keep your current employees, it makes sense to listen to them about what would help to keep them with you. This can be an eye-opening exercise as the answers you get may surprise you.

As a business owner in Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Windsor, or the surrounding areas, keeping your employee’s happy means that you will have to deal with less turnover. Employee benefits is one of the keys to attracting and retaining quality team members. When you are ready to review your employee benefits give Volk Insurance Benefits a call to schedule a time to meet.

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